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$450 Per Person

ICC - International Certificate of Competence One Day Assessment


The one-day ICC exam is ideal for experienced sailors who are capable of satisfying all the basic sailing, docking and navigating exercises required for a day sail. The students will be required to practically demonstrate a series of maneuvers under sail and power, effectively manage the vessel in varying wind, weather and tidal conditions and demonstrate deployment of anchoring and docking procedures. The student will also be required to demonstrate knowledge of navigation theory, collision regulations and “rules of the road”.


The exam is undertaken in protected waters with a minimum of 3 students onboard.  Students are strongly encouraged to complete the online RYA “Day Skipper” theory course available at, before attempting the exam.


PLEASE NOTE: This is a test situation not an instructional day. . All students accept that a fail grade is possible. Failing candidates will need to undertake the entire exam at a later date to achieve a pass.


A VHF license is not part of my curriculum however the FCC will issue one. Go to


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