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Learn To Master A Catamaran
















Thinking of Chartering or Owning a Catamaran?



Our program is designed for students striving to manage a cruising catamaran in a calm, stress-free manner. We believe this ability comes through proper training and practice.   Learn how to communicate silently, dock the yacht calmly, sail confidently and truly enjoy the experience without fear or anxiety.  While we train all students in this manner, we find the experience to be a wonderful way for couples and friends to learn to sail as a team. 

We operate a Fontaine Pajot Helia 44 and offer two private airconditioned cabins with en-suite facilities  Prices are per cabin (rather than per person) and each cabin accommodates two people.  Pricing includes all meals, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.  We are able to accommodate most dietary preferences and are happy to discuss needs and options.  You are welcome to supply your own adult beverages.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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