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Learn To Master A Catamaran
















Thinking of Chartering or Owning a Catamaran?



By combining our unique practical training methods, the cutting-edge RYA online theory courses, and a beautiful Yachting Education Cruising  Catamaran as our training vessel, we'll give you the skills, techniques, and certifications you'll need to sail or charter anywhere in the world.  Your time aboard will be hands-on practical training but we'll not only show you how to sail, we'll teach you to anchor, hoist sails, trim sheets, and dock the boat smoothly, silently & stress free!  And after every day's adventure at sea, you'll enjoy nightly anchorages in tranquil bays, watching the sun slide below the horizon, beverage of choice in hand....just like every good sailing day should be. 

When was an educational experience this good?

Telephone: 803-280-0881
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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