ICC  - International Certificate of Competence

Is sailing the Meditteranean high on your Bucket List?

You Need an ICC Licence



The ICC is an attempt to ensure all sailors entering or chartering in foreign waters have a recognized minimum standard of expertise. 

It's essentially the same as having an acceptable USA driver's license when you rent a motor car in a foreign country.


So if that's the bad news, here's the good news.    Yachting Education can issue the ICC license in America.



What's more you'll get the ICC License learning on a Catamaran. And YES, we are the only facility in the USA offering this package!


Students with some practical experience can either;


1. Complete the 5 day practical course to ensure your theory and practical skills are satisfactory




2. Take a (1) day practical assessment at Yachting Education 

(If you can sail well, know the COLREGS, IALA bouyage system and can navigate proficiently).


So if you're planning to charter internationally then maybe a quick chat with our Chief instructor Mark Thompson could help. He's sailed throughout the Mediterranean, spent a year in Turkey and another two in France so he's probably sailed where you want to go.


What's more, he's issued dozens of ICC licenses and can discuss your present experience and advise you how to meet the standards necessary to achieve the license.

Telephone: 803-280-0881