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"Teaching Ability: 5 of 5,
Depth of Knowledge: 5 of 5,
Friendliness: 5 of 5,
Condition of Vessel: 5 of 5,
Professionalism: 5 of 5,
Comment: Best training experience of my life!!"  J Collins (Tennessee, USA) 7/25/2014


"Teaching Ability: 5 of 5,
Depth of Knowledge: 5 of 5,
Friendliness: 5 of 5,
Condition of Vessel: 5 of 5,
Professionalism: 5 of 5,
Comment: I like sailing with Mark because he is personable and easy to get along with. His calm onboard sets a great stage to enjoy a trip and learn in the process. He made all of his instructions very clear and if I needed a little extra explanation he was happy to explain. I've learned a lot from Mark and am looking forward to learning more.'   S Wolter (Florida, USA) 7/14/2014

"RYA qualification. We found the 5 day intensive course itinerary really worked for us – plenty of time to practice all the sailing skills such that we feel confident to take out or charter our own boat, but also to have the evenings to relax and feel a bit more like a “vacation”. Your choice of mooring points for lunch and overnight was great – very tranquil and relaxed most days, but also nice to have the option of the more busy marinas of Annapolis and St Michael’s on some evenings. We really liked your teaching style - mixing humor and patience, with enough intensity to get through the curriculum. Not to mention your homemadeWe are back home and I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts to get us through the  frittata and enough cheesecake to please even the biggest sweet tooth!  Overall it was a great confidence building, learning and fun experience.  Thanks again and good luck to you and your family." L Kent (UK)  8/15/2014
















“ I gained far more than I ever hoped to in a week. Just fantastic! It was a great adventure to come to these beautiful islands and will be something I always remember. Great sailing, company, and wonderful weather. It has really given me the inspiration to keep sailing and learning. Thanks to you Mark for a simply wonderful time” M Astbury (USA) 9/11/12


“ Mark, thanks very much for a fantastic week of sailing, Your knowledge, experience, patience & sense of humor have been invaluable for this week. I have learnt far more than I expectedand have been well and truly bitten by the bug. Looking forward to seeing you on the water once again. C Jeffers (AUS)9/11/12


“Mark. a phenomenal week – Thanks you. It exceeded my expectations of what I could learn in 5 days and how ‘competent’ I could become. Loved the pit! And thanks for your support and patience on the helmJ. K Jones (UK) 16/11/12


“ Thanks you Mark, your enthusiasm for sailing, experience as a ‘sailing man’, fun approach to teaching and general personality have made my last 10 days a delight….I should add that at times sailing as a novice can feel quite life threatening however I always felt safe with you, even night sailing in 20kt winds”. A Bell (AUS) 12/06/2012


“…So in a word, the week was AWESOME!!! Two words BLOODY AWESOME!! Who knew you could learn so much AND have fun in the process!! Your passion for sailing is infectious, and your patience eternal. We will always think very fondly of this experience and will tick away the time until we return. THANKS. A Wichems (USA) 12/28/2012


“Hi Mark, Thanks for a tough, but fun week of sailing. I learned A LOT this week. I promise to put the passive / aggressive into it more!...keep up the positive arse kicking! All good and worth it! Cheers! Jo “ (UK) 02/08/2013






“Thanks Mark, What a great week! Was definitely challenged everyday but result was I learned heaps, far more than my expectations at the start of the week. Thanks for your patience & kindness throughout the week, it was a great learning environment. I now have to find ways to employ these new-found skills” Emma (AUS) 02/29/2013


“What a week, You managed to take a relatively defiant crew, work your magic and convert us into a competent, coordinated crew. Great job, great fun, learnt much and enjoyed every minute. Day sailing, night navigation, we all learnt how to enjoy a week at sea…we’ll be back.” Mwhittle 04/19/2013


“What a wonderful week! Conditions were at times a little hairy, but did not diminish the fun we had. Such an amazing feeling to come with NO knowledge of sailing at the beginning of the week and find by the end I am part of the crew sailing a yacht! It has been a fantastic 5 days – really worthwhile. I think you are a very good teacher. Many thanks and I’ll certainly be recommending this week of training!..


..PS: I didn’t tell you how nervous I was before doing this course. More than anything you really helped me overcome my fear of sailing!” Hilary (AUS) 05/03/2013


“Thanks for sharing just a tiny part of your experiences with us this week and igniting our passion for sailing…and thanks for your patience with my learning rate! G Ohlsson (AUS) 05/10/2013


“Brilliant week, sod the rain! A steep learning curve, but my appetite is well and truly wetted. Very patient skip!” P Fern (AUS) 05/10/2013


“Beyond expectations! Mark gave us not only a very enjoyable week but taught us sailing in up to 40 knot gusts and rain – the sort of stuff that has left us with the confidence and enthusiasm to go further! He encouraged us to work as a team and extend ourselves in a great way. Very grateful and many thanks. M Kornfeld (AUS) 05/10/2013


“You have kept the dream alive (and he is going to keep me as well!!) Great week! It flew bye.” A&B Bartels (UK) 06/02/2013


“Dear Mark, I leave you with four gifts and also my immense gratitude for your ability to share your knowledge, wisdom and passion for sailing. We had a fantastic week aboard and learnt far more than we had anticipated. Looking forward to our next course / adventure.” J Martin(AUS) 06/15/2013


“ What a fabulous time we had!!FUN. you are a great teacher Mark. I approached the course with some trepidation, but your ability to put people at ease is wonderful. I must thank you for your patience with me, as I am a slow learner. Anyway I believe I learned a lot and what is more, had a lovely time thanks to your jovial and generous personality; and you’re a bloody good cook as well. All in all ‘twas beautiful.” Jpascoe (AUS) 06/21/2013


“It has been a real stretch to keep up with a teacher with such boundless enthusiasm and equal patience. I can’t say I saw you lose it once, and we tried for two weeks! Every hope and expectation was met and more. I feel that we grew in confidence and ease on the boat, which is exactly what you sought. You’re a terrific teacher and a grouse bloke too! D Mitchell (AUS) 06/21/2013


“Stepped up to the challenge of an opinionated group of people with aplomb. Challenged and encouraged us beyond our comfort zone without making us uncomfortable. A holiday I was sorry came to an end.” J Tiswell (AUS) 07/01/2013


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When one boards a sailboat... They have reached their ultimate destination
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