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These 5 day programs are available for beginners to advanced sailors and it’s a “hand’s –on” experience from the start. From the first moment to the last, the instruction is done in a low-key, easy going manner and there is never a shouted word onboard. You’ll learn to sail without drama, communicate silently and manage the yacht smoothly and stress free. For couples, you’ll learn to run the boat together without anxiety and communicate calmly before sailing away like newlyweds!


After mastering the fundamentals on day’s one and two, students will be introduced to more complex sailing and navigational challenges including tidal calculations, passage planning and "rules of the road". Ultimately we'll have a crack at night sailing, blind navigation, enhanced docking techniques and many more challenging situations, all done peacefully and calmly.


Staying-put is just as important as getting there, so students will learn the best methods to select an overnight location and the skills to stay there!  Dragging anchor is not an option…Ever!


The week includes all meals, snacks and soft drinks, linen, towels and inshore wet weather gear.  Before arrival we encourage students to refresh their navigation, collision regulations and vessel identification skills with NauticEd online theory courses.


By the end of the course everyone will be wishing it was Monday again, however the theory would have been put into application and students gained the necessary practical skills from Yachting Education to be a true sailor.


Depending on prior experience and demonstrated skill level, students who satisfy both theory and practical standards will be awarded the qualified crew member, skipper or bareboat charter master certifications. 

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