Offshore Voyages

Ever wanted to go "Blue Water" sailing on a big Catamaran?


Now's your chance to join Yachting Education for an offshore experience you'll never forget. If you want some adventure, these voyages have it all!

As part of each voyage you will:

Depart the hustle and bustle of daily life heading east into the Atlantic Ocean or throughout the Caribbean Seas. You'll be putting your navigation theory to the ultimate test when you join the "blue water" sailors of the world and embark on an extended overnight or multi-day passage. The thrill of making landfall and a well deserved beverage will be yours to experience at the end of each leg.....but that's not all.

This may be the best way to step off the earth for a while, but it's not a trip for the faint hearted! You'll be a major part of the crew, taking watches, trimming sails, navigating, planning & correcting headings and all the while ensuring the safety and security of the team during your watch.

1. Your practical experience may be limited but this type of journey is only available for students who have completed some theory in navigation, COLREGS and basic sail handling.
2. Cabins will be sold on a per person basis and crews will rotate throughout the day and night's sailing as either Captain or Crew.
3. Throughout the passage, the on-board instructor will maintain absolute responsibility to ensure the passage is both safe and enjoyable.
4. Even if you haven't sailed or spent much time on the ocean, you'll be willing to experience and cope with the offshore environment.

Course is sold on a per person basis, double occupancy OR by cabin. All courses vary in length.  Prices subject to change.

All offshore courses include all meals, snacks, soft drinks & water, linen towels, and instructional materials. Students should bring their own wet weather gear, canned alcoholic beverages (anchor down or 5pm, whichever be the latter) a healthy dose of realism and a library of stories and jokes.

Flights to and from the yacht. Overnight hotel accommodation before, during and after the course dates. Land based activities, restaurants, rental cars etc.

Six (6) berths ONLY!



Call or email us for specific sailing dates, vessels and destinations.

J oin the crew for an exciting offshore journey. And if you'd like to know more about our programs or your instructor please Click Here.